Virtue Hair Collection TM is not an inexpensive line of hair extensions.


    This hair is collected from all over the world and is not for those whom want processed hair.

          There are some great lines of hair extensions that are economical and processed well. They are the "C" grade hair extensions and are named after the texture, based on the culture and nation that is notorious for the processing pattern of the hair. For example Peruvian, Brazillian Wave, Spanish Wave.

         The nationality is how the wave is named, not to be mistaken to mean the hair is collected from that specific region of the world.

      Virgin Hair is collected and named for the nation of the people the strands are collected from. High sanitation standards are performed and the hair minus chemical or texture manipulation is then presented to the client or stylist in it's Virgin state. That is Virgin hair, so don't be fooled by clever labelling. 

       Virgin hair gives your hair stylist limitless processing options to match your hairs texture color and hair style. For instance, some people wear a California curl, Wave Nuveau or so on. They can have the hair processed to match the process they are currently using, and it will have the same look and feel of the clients hair. Coloring works the same way, and hair relaxing too. 


        Because Virtue Hair Collection is a World Class Hair Extension collection, the maintenance products that accompany our hair extensions prove to add strength and years to the use and wear of our product.  


       If you are a woman who knows what she wants, and wants nothing but the best, Virtue Hair Collection TM is for you.